Brenda Andrus is a singer/songwriter based in Aloha, Oregon. She covers the songs you want to hear, putting a unique, acoustic spin on classic rock, pop, and alternative hits from decades past. 

Through the years, Brenda has performed with different bands, groups, and as a solo act. Check out videos below: she appears with global cover artist, Mike Massé. For a deeper dive into the past, check out her college band, Gathering Osiris. Even more recently, she has soloed in local pubs and pizzerias and collaborated with local musicians such as Gabe Ballard, Any Given Session, and Scholls Valley Band. Keep an eye out for her regular gigs at Pizzario and D'Anu wine bar in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

Original music is in the works. Check out "Obsidian," all the way at the bottom of the page and stay tuned for more original content.